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Building on a model that has been successfully implemented in more than a dozen US cities, A Tiny Act of Kindness will create a community of tiny homes for people experiencing homelessness. Our project will focus on housing people classified as experiencing episodic or transitional homelessness with the goal of diverting people from experiencing chronic homelessness. By intervening early and providing access to a continuum of supportive services, our community will help residents bridge the gap to stable permanent housing.

Our goal is to give people experiencing homelessness safe, short-term housing so they can focus on setting and achieving goals for long-term stability. We are driven by the belief that safe and equitable housing is a human right and must be available to all people regardless of race, ethnicity, ability, age, gender identity, or sexual identity.       Learn More


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Photo of DE staff volunteering for Habitat for Humanity in 2015
Photo of DE staff at the inaugural Unmasking The Homeless Masquerade Ball