We are pleased to announce that we are partnering with Active Grace to build our first tiny home village. We will be building at Camp Camby located in Camby, IN. Watch our full video here for the details of the location and to see the beautiful property.


Video Transcript:

We have some really great news! We have located a place where we can start building our tiny houses and we have moved our first tiny house that we have to this location. We are super excited to share this new location with you and I will take any questions that you might have about it. We’re ready to start building.

There you can see is our tiny house on the campground with a lot of space where we can build more tiny houses. There’s electrical hook-up, there’s lots of nice trees!

This over here is a clothing and food donation location where they’ll be able to go and pick out clothing and food. These are all of the different camp spots where we will be able to put the tiny houses. There is ours that we have already built that you can see, our demo tiny house. Look at how beautiful this is. It’s nice wooded lots and lots of spots for more tiny houses.

Over here is the bathhouse. One side is Womens and the other side is Mens and there’s a place for laundry also inside of this bathhouse so they will have indoor plumbing available to them. There are five different toilets, five sinks and seven shower stalls so really nice accommodations available. Here are more spots for more tiny homes down here as well.

This building is a big indoor gymnasium on the same property where the tiny houses will be. So, a nice place where there can be some training classes and physical education type of activities.

Over here you’ll see there’s a really nice gazebo for some outdoor activities. Again, this is the food pantry and clothing donation center and a nice volleyball net area.

This is one dorm building where they could actually move out of the tiny house into the dorm. There is another dorm building next to that one and another building with permanent housing available.

As you can see here there’s also a basketball court and there’s another basketball court on the other side of the property so lots of outdoor activities. Over here you’ll see some picnic tables and some pretty outdoor lighting a little area that’s available to sit outside and just enjoy nature.

This large building here has an industrial kitchen and a big dining hall so, lots of community dining area. There is a kitchen for the residents as well.

This is a nice big playground and a church where church services are held on Saturday night. Residents are able to attend church service if they would like to.

The building over there is a daycare so if anyone needs daycare services that is available as well.

This building is available where we can actually build the tiny houses inside and have just a big indoor area to store any items that we might need to store. Back over in the distance there you can see is the campground and the tiny house.

For more information, to donate or volunteer. Please email Nancy@DE-Serves.org