Some homeless are veterans who have paid huge sacrifices and now find themselves struggling to transition back into society. They just need help and support so on this Veterans Day we want to recognize the tiny home villages already established around the country making a huge difference in the lives of homeless vets.

Veterans Community Project was founded by a group of combat veterans in Kansas City Missouri. The founders resolved to stand in the gaps of a broken system that left too many of their brothers and sisters behind.

Pete Buttigieg Tours Veterans Community Project

Veterans Outreach of Wisconsin is committed to assisting homeless and at-risk Veterans strive for normalcy by providing food, clothing, shelter, and other basic human needs.

A Tiny Act of Kindness visits Veterans Outreach of Wisconsin

To see our full post about our visit to the Veterans Outreach of Wisconsin earlier this year visit the blog here. 

Build Us Hope has started their tiny home village for homeless veterans with their first three tiny homes in Phoenix, AZ.

V13 was built on a vacant lot within an existing neighborhood with mostly small older homes. Each of the three 288 sq. ft. micro homes included beautiful big porches, and are surrounded by edible landscaping. Veteran residents manage on-site community gardens.

Thank you to all of these communities who have recognized that the top three barriers for homeless are affordable housing, poverty and unemployment. These villages are attacking these barriers and making a difference using innovative solutions and helping our veterans. And, thank you Veterans for all you have done to protect our freedoms!

A Tiny Act of Kindness Homes for the Homeless is an initiative focused on building tiny home villages for the homeless including veterans. Will you help us make this a reality in Indianapolis? Donate here or contact Executive Director Nancy Holland for more information.