As I wrote about in my earlier blog post here, I had a modest upbringing, with a single mom and 3 siblings. The holidays were especially difficult for my mom, barely making enough money to cover all of the expenses and many times we were living without electricity or water because she wasn’t able to pay the bills to keep the utilities going.

Therefore, we were often the family that was receiving charity from the church, or other local organizations, to make sure we had a nice Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas gifts to open. If it weren’t for these amazing donations our holidays would have been much different. We struggled throughout the year but we almost always had a nice holiday thanks to some strangers, who usually didn’t know us, but cared enough to share their blessings with others. Most of my holiday memories are pleasant with Christmas decorations a tree and presents from Santa all part of our experiences.

I will never get a chance to thank these strangers but now, it is my mission to help others who are less fortunate and bring the new innovative idea of providing affordable housing, services and resources to help the homeless transition off of the streets and into homes helping to provide happy holiday memories for many years to come.

On this GivingTuesday will you help by donating to A Tiny Act of Kindness Homes for the Homeless? If not us then who will step up and help? Any amount is appreciated and will help make a difference.