I thoroughly enjoy watching shows like The Voice, American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance. One reason I like these shows is because of the major role that mentoring and coaching plays in the success of the programs. 

Stars freely give their valuable time and talents to help others who have the potential to become a star themselves. 

Watching the brief glimpses the producers provide of the coaching sessions is one of my favorite parts of these shows. Seeing the stars speak encouragement, but also providing valuable feedback, and then watching the contestants apply their lessons is sometimes magical. Like watching a star being born right on my television screen. 

I often follow these talented new stars’ careers to see what they are able to accomplish because someone  believed in them and took time with them, coaching and encouraging and giving them the resources to succeed.

Some of these stars include Kelly Clarkson from America Idol, who now has her own talk show, tWitch from So You Think You Can Dance, who has a key role on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and Indianapolis’ own Josh Kaufman winner of The Voice, who has performed on broadway and locally in the Indy 500 festivities, as well as at Yuletide many times. 

Kelly Clarkson. American idol

tWitch, So You Think You Can Dance

Josh Kaufman, The Voice

A Tiny Act of Kindness Homes for the Homeless has a similar coaching and mentoring component. Residents will have classes focused on identifying talents. They will be given resources and opportunities to try out cooking, woodworking, crafting, sewing, managing a business or horticulture, as well as many other possible careers. Coaches and mentors will be assigned to each resident who will speak encouragement as well as provide valuable feedback to help these formally broken individuals find their star within to propel them to their own success.

Will you join us and consider contributing to this amazing cause and help us make new stars?