How someone becomes homeless has many different paths but what is more important is how someone gets back to living safely and securely in a home.

The Low Income Housing Institute (LIHI) in Seattle, WA has helped thousands of individuals get back to living in a safe and secure home.

One of those people was Tom.

Tom lived out of his vehicle before moving into True Hope Village. During his time at True Hope he was able to participate in an apprenticeship program through Wood Technology Center, a trades school near the village. Tom now lives in the Denny Park Apartments, a LIHI affordable housing building. He wanted to share his experience with the Tiny House Village program:

“I was living in my car at the beginning of April this year. Work hours had become slow and I had a car payment due along with rent. I had to make a choice whether to make a payment on my car or put the money towards the roof over my head. I decided to make a payment on the car because that’s what got me to work. I then started sleeping in my car and couldn’t figure out how I was going to get back on my feet. I was grateful to be in my car during the rainy nights, but it was very uncomfortable and something I hope not to experience again. One day I shared my situation with a representative from The Wood Tech Center. She immediately assured me that she could help. A few hours later I got a call to meet with someone from True Hope Village. I went to the village and met with the staff and was given a key to a tiny home, which I was not expecting at all. I had been at True Hope for 29 days when I was told that they had found me an apartment. I was thinking ‘I’ve heard this before’ but I soon received a phone call from Ms. Ashley at LIHI. After I got the call the process was so quick. I now live at Denny Park Apartments and it’s been a blessing to be living there. Without the great commitment and communication by these ladies I would not have a place to be living in.”

The paths to homelessness are many and the paths to get back to sheltered living need to be many as well.

We are dedicated to building tiny home villages in, and around, Indianapolis to help provide one step on the path to becoming sheltered. Would you like to help us? Email Nancy Holland at