We’ve been 100% focused on finishing up the outside of the tiny home with windows, paint, an air conditioner and an extremely secure and attractive door. This door was a labor of love from a group of carpenter apprenticeship students from IKORCC the Indianapolis Campus.


Welcome Home

We would like to extend a huge thank you for custom making this amazing door! Our demo tiny home is specially made to provide a visual while we are in these early stages of our organization so there are a few items that are custom sized. 

To help cut down on the future costs our plans for mass producing these tiny homes will not require custom making items.

The tiny home is almost ready for the road. Watch for our next blog post sharing more photos and videos of the inside! #LiveKind

Students cutting out the door.

Students applying glue to the boards of the door.

The finished door and door frame. Looks amazing! Ready for some stain and paint.