Wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving and best wishes for a very Merry Christmas!

On this 2019 Thanksgiving day I’d like to express gratitude for all of our board members, Melissa Cunniff, Mike Heist, Cheryl O’Bold, Heather Brock-Wignall, Brett Nabb, Carissa Clifford and Susan Bartle. Your support, assistance and belief in this mission are overwhelming and I can’t express how much I truly appreciate all of you!

When I asked the board members why they serve on this board this is a response I received.

“The reason I give my time and money to A Tiny Act of Kindness is because I want to serve and be a blessing to people who need it. When I lived in LA and worked with those who were homeless, it was eye opening to hear people’s stories. It was usually an event that took place that began a downward spiral and ended in homelessness. I also know from working in social work and education that having a stable and safe place to lay your head at night is a foundational piece in helping someone have success,” stated a board member.Over the past 18 months I have had the pleasure to meet and work with some great volunteers as well! Thank you so much to Dave Cunniff, Tiffany Otis, Kenia Alvarado, Valerie Ellis and daughter Gabrielle and Shelly Woods, for all of the hours you have dedicated to helping us.

Two of our volunteers provided feedback about why they give their valuable time. “I did it because I want to make a real impact on the world. I believe I was created to love people and glorify God and this combines both. It feels good to be a part of something so much bigger than myself,” stated one of our teenage volunteers.

Another teenage volunteer stated, “The idea that we did a fundraiser for a strong cause is absolutely amazing in my eyes. As a teenager, and having the experiences to participate and have such a wonderful experience with helping others in the community means a whole lot to me as i enjoy the idea of helping others out in need. I thank you for this opportunity.”

Creating a tiny home village is a tremendous amount of work and I would not be able to accomplish what I have this year without the help and support of all of these incredible individuals.

Interested in joining us? Feel free to reach out to me with your interest, Nancy@DE-Serves.org