In preperation for an event and since we are anticipating material donations we setup the inside of the demo tiny home to show our vision of how to maximize the small square footage before the insulation and walls are completed.

Walking inside front door.

It’s truly amazing how much space is available in just 80 square feet. Utilizing the areas along the sides and just under the ceiling helps to maximize all storage options.

Camping toilet and sink with shelves and baskets.

The futon mattress will serve double duty providing a comfy seating area as well as a spacious queen sized mattress for sleeping.

Sit or Sleep on Comfy Futon

Hooks and shelves are useful for storing clothes, towels, bags or jackets further maximizing space.

Hooks and shelves don’t take a lot of room.

We took a video of the inside of the tiny home to show how much room there really is in just 80 square feet.

Video Inside of Tiny Home

These homes are designed to be small sleeping pods to provide a safe and comfortable place for the residents. However, the community center will be the hangout place to help get the residents out of their isolation and provide an opportunity to help each other with restoration, training and providing fellowship.