We have our first tiny home shell, it was delivered yesterday, June 17th, 2019! We are beyond excited about the progress we are making in our quest to help the homeless!

We are temporarily parking the tiny home shell in a parking lot (where we gained permission for a few days). We must move this tiny home again soon. We will be moving it to a location where we will have easy access to finish out the inside.

As you can see in this video, it is small enough to easily fit into a parking spot and light enough to be towed by a small truck or SUV. This will make it so much easier for us as we are traveling around sharing our vision with others in the community.

This video shares some views of the unfinished inside. We need to add insulation, walls, floors, windows and a door. As well as lighting, air conditioning and heating. Our list is long however, we have many volunteers who are anxious to help us out.

The outside of the tiny home has been painted a pretty teal so our logo will standout on the side.

“Housing is a small piece to help the complex issue of homelessness. A Tiny Act of Kindness Homes for the Homeless initiative begins with housing however, will also partner with the many services available to provide a hand-up and restore the homeless to contributing members of society.” stated Nancy Holland, Executive Director, DE Serves, Inc.