Our very first road trip was to the Industry Liaison Group Conference Gala at the Harley Davidson Museum in Milwaukee, WI. Since Indianapolis is just a short 4 hour drive from Milwaukee we decided to hitch up the house and drive it up the road. We were able to rent a Ford F250 Hemi truck from Enterprise and drive through Indiana, around Chicago and up to Milwaukee. 

Hooking up the truck.

Video of our first time towing the tiny home

Towing the tiny home was a bit outside of my comfort zone but after saying a few prayers and a couple of small hiccups we were on the road!

First time towing.

We were able to park the tiny home in the Harley Davidson Museum parking lot and set up our t-shirts and other items for sale. We had about 100 attendees come by to talk to us, tour the tiny home and purchase some of our fundraising items.

Getting everything setup!

One of the highlights was being able to display art work from one of our board member’s daughter’s third grade classes. They used their special project time to create veteran focused art work that we can provide to veteran residents demonstrating support and appreciation for their sacrifices.

Veteran Art Work

We appreciate the opportunity to spread the word about our initiative and bring awareness to innovative ways you can help the homeless. For more information please feel free to email us at nancy@de-serves.org