At this time in our lives we are faced with uncertainty about so many things. Should we go out to the grocery store or should we just order online? Should we tackle that project that has been on our to do list while we have the time but will that mean we have to go to the hardware store? Should we wear a mask and gloves if we do have to go out or will people look at us strangely? Do we really care? There are so many who aren’t sure about this COVID-19 virus and if it’s as serious as our leaders are making it out to be. Each of us have to come to our own conclusions. However, it did hit close to our family and we lost someone very dear to us to the virus so we are taking it seriously in our household. So you might ask yourself why then am I still going out and doing the homeless street outreach? Why put myself in harm’s way unnecessarily?

Helping the homeless is my job and my passion. These are scary times for the homeless too. They have been surviving on the streets with the help from service providers but mostly from churches and volunteers. At this time many of the people who have been helping the homeless have been laid off or ordered to work from home. Many of the services and supplies that the homeless were receiving have been reduced or stopped. These were limited in nature to begin with.

I am taking precautionary measures to protect myself, the others that I work with and the homeless. Is it foolproof? No, but I also believe that this is what I am supposed to be doing at this time during this crisis.

We went out and fed about 60 homeless individuals last night. The church kitchen is usually available to make the meals so the options are nutritional and healthy however, last night we were very limited with the closures everywhere so we passed out McDonald’s cheeseburgers, french fries, tea, chocolate cake and handmade cookies (made by my dear sister-in-law, THANK YOU)!

There are many needs for the homeless including disinfecting wipes, toilet paper, batteries and candles that we were not able to provide this trip. If you feel moved to share your blessings please feel free to donate and we will continue to help provide for this vulnerable group of neighbors.

Stay safe in this uncertain time and thank you for your continued support of A Tiny Act of Kindness, Homes for the Homeless.