His twitter handle is @HardlyNormal and he is a homelessness activist who runs the website InvisiblePeople.tv He leverages social media to humanize the homeless. He is walking the streets of cities all across the United States talking to homeless and sharing their stories. He found himself homeless but found his way out and wants to shed light on the homeless epidemic.

Here is a documentary all about his story and many of his interviews are showcased. (Warning some explicit language.)

Mark says in this documentary that probably one of his driving forces is to find a solution to homelessness in the next 5-10 years so he doesn’t find himself homeless again.

So many have found themselves homeless across the United States with a lack of affordable housing and an infrastructure that is overcrowded, and overburdened.

InvisiblePeople.tv is a fantastic resource to learn more about the homeless epidemic and learn about ways to get more involved.