Could this be our community center?

We have been meeting with companies, government officials and other nonprofits to share our story and more information about our organization. The reception has been overwhelmingly positive but the same question keeps surfacing with each of these meetings. The common question is, “Where will this tiny home community be located?” Other than somewhere in Indianapolis, we don’t currently know where we will put the first community. We have asked about property that might be donated and we have hit many roadblocks.

Not wanting to hold up our mission to help get homeless people off the streets (many are suffering in the extreme temperatures). We have a friend who is new to real estate with some extra time on her hands so she offered to do some searches for us to see what types of properties might be available. Knowing we have specific needs we thought, “Why not?” So we asked her to search inside of Interstate 465 (so it will be close to the bus routes). We asked for at least 2 acres up to about 4 acres. An existing home with about 2000 square feet would be ideal that we can use for our community center and easy access to major thoroughfares is best so we have visibility to our future thrift store and cafe.

She searched and to our amazement found several properties that would possibly work for our needs. After looking at 4 properties we walked into what appears to be the perfect property for our needs.

We created the following video to share this property and our vision. This property is currently vacant but is not a donation, we will need to purchase this property and need your help! Please donate and help us get this property so we can begin the buildout of our first community!