We believe everyone deserves a home and hope! We posted on Facebook about our new land where we can begin building our tiny homes for the homeless and Aleah Hordges a reporter for WISH-TV/Channel 8 saw the post that someone shared in a feed. She was intrigued and messaged me to see if she could find out more. We spoke on the phone and I invited her down to Camby to see the location and visit our demonstration tiny home.

Aleah visited and brought her camera to conduct a formal interview.



I shared my story about how I was homeless myself when I was a teenager. How I traveled around the country for my job and saw the homeless population escalating in big and small cities. How I have always found tiny homes to be a great solution for economical living. And how I learned there are many other cities with this model, it is working to build community and a new direction to assist those that are experiencing living with out homes.

We discussed how we want to build 25-30 tiny homes at Camp Camby and that the house will be built for about $2500 each. I shared with her our plan to then build a community like this in Marion County too. One of the biggest needs is housing, there is just not enough in Indianapolis.

These tiny homes will be around 80-120 square feet, about the size of a small bedroom. They will allow one to take ownership and pride and a new beginning. The communities provide stability and dignity: the humanizing value of a lockable door and a place to keep belongings cannot be overstated. The separation of residents also creates effective social distancing during a pandemic.

We hope to break ground soon and begin building these tiny homes to provide a transition for those without homes into permanent housing.

See the full story here: https://www.wishtv.com/news/indianapolis-nonprofit-building-a-tiny-homes-village-for-the-homeless/

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